MUSIC in Hirosaki, Aomori JAPAN

VOTE us into Summer Sonic

VOTE online for Kyle & The College Try! Voting is open until 6/26. We need your vote to help us join this year’s Summer Sonic Rock Festival held in Tokyo& Osaka. It’s very easy to vote. <-Just follow the link, check the white confirmation box, enter some text, and click VOTE! (The big red button) Check the picture below for English instructions. You can also vote more than once, so go click happy! 

These are instructions in English on how to vote. <- click here to check out the other bands. <- click here for Summer Sonic Information.

We really want a chance to play at such a great gig, and would appreciate the support of anyone who would like to give us some love. It’s a multi-step process to get on the line-up, so we will for sure keep you updated as things unfold. We need your help now more than ever to get recognized! You can also logon to facebook and ‘Like’ our page to help spread our name around. Basically the process goes like this:

1) 6/20-6/27 Online voting by the general public

2) 6/28-7/3 Voting by other artists

3) 7/14-7/15 Voting by workers in Summer Sonic

4) 7/20 Live audition


Thanks in advance for your support and love!

Practice session


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