MUSIC in Hirosaki, Aomori JAPAN

See you on Saturday!

At our band meeting getting ready to give you a great rock show!

Hey friends! It’s finally here! This Saturday will be our very first live show completely planned and organized by Kyle and the College Try! All money we make on Saturday night will go towards recording our very first full length album! We are totally stoked and can’t WAIT to get out there and play the best show ever for you guys! Please invite ALL your friends to come and enjoy a great night of live music! We hope to get people from all countries, all ages, and all music tastes.

More about the music: Everyone playing with us are good friends of ours, and have also supported us throughout our first year as a band.
Kyle and The College Try: Rock/Blues Rock. You know us already Just get ready to ROCK!!
Laut: Soft rock with some sweet electric guitar and female singer. From your chair or on your feet, open your ears to the smooth rock sound of these guys. A group of Hirosaki Minami High School students who are amazing young musicians.
Joyfull: Punk. High energy and very exciting! Get ready to dance, mosh, scream, or just watch everyone else do it! A group of Hirosaki University students who’ve been playing together for a while.
Dolly: Pop rock meets electronica with some keyboard and a female singer. Prepare to get a bit funky and dance with some friends, or sit back and relax enjoying the beautiful sound of the instruments and singer. Awesome group of musicians who’ve been around a long time.
Hinode Interchange: Solid Rock! High energy and entertaining! Use all the energy you got to rock out with these guys! A group of Hirosaki University students who put on a show that’ll rock your socks off!

Flair show: Chikara is trained in bartending and flair. He’ll be doing a flair show that night and will make you the best drink you’ve ever had for 1000 yen!

We just want to say ‘THANK YOU’ to all of our friends who are planning to come out (even from the other side of the ken), for those who have showed their support through phone calls and emails, and especially to all of you who have donated money to helping us get an album out. We feel so overwhelmed with love and joy because of your kindness to us. Thanks for making this experience such a great one! We are going to put on the BEST show for you all!

Kyle, Shoichi, Kazuya, Yuki, and Shinjiro

僕達Kyle and The College Tryが主催する初めてのライブ。ライブ当日、もしたくさんの人にお越しいただくことができ、最終収支がプラスになった場合は、僕達のアルバムレコーディングへ大切に使わせてもらおうと考えています。



Joyfull: 視覚でも楽しめるエネルギー全開、パンクバンド!踊ってよし、モッシュしてよし、叫んでもよし、もしくはじっと見入るのもよし。College Tryとは一番付き合いの古い大学生バンド。

Dolly: 女性ボーカルとキーボードが味わい深く、メロディがエロクトロニカに絡みつくようなクリエイティブなバンド。ファンキーに踊れたり、じっくりと酔いしれられたり。音楽の奥深さを体現している彼らの音。


Kyle and The College Try: みなさんご存じの僕達。本場アメリカのブルースやカントリーテイストもありつつ、ありそうでなかったオリジナリティを目指したロックサウンド。音楽があれば国籍や人種なんて関係ないさ、ってなコンセプト、実はあり。



Kyle, Shoichi, Kazuya, Yuki, and Shinjiro


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