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Full length studio album coming soon!

So, as you know, we finished recording last month. Now, the band and all the staff at Mag-Net are finalizing and touching up the tracks. We’re currently in the process of translating the album’s lyrics and working on the album art for the C

D. Don’t worry, KATCT will be playing live for you soon at their CD release party. We’ll let you know the details once we get it on the books!

Thank you to all the guest guitarists who came out to record with us! Thank you to our friends who came to Mag-Net to visit us and just say hi during our long recording days/nights! The songs sound amazing, and we can’t wait to share them with all of you!!



Recording & Biography Page

The place where the magic is happenin’ all week.

Hey everyone! This week we’re going to start recording our album! We are so excited! There will be some of our closest friends playing as guest guitarists throughout the week, and we are so grateful to have them all contributing to what we know will be a great album for you all! Stay tuned!



While you’re waiting, please check out our bio page for short bios on all the band members!


Welcome Yusuke!

Yusuke Kakuta from Goshogawara. (Picture from

After two amazing shows together and not much deliberation, Kyle and The College Try are pleased to announced a new lead guitarist. His positive attitude both on and off stage are driving force for the band, and his love for music and impeccable style are brought to life in our music. Please join us in welcoming Yusuke Kakuta to the fold.

大盛況に終わった2本の野外ライブも終わり、メンバー間で特に討議を重ねる必要もなく、まるで必然であったかのようにKyle and The College Tryの新ギタリストの加入を発表できることを、大変嬉しく思います。

New Developments

The boys in Akita

We want to make you all aware of the secession of the Guitarist of Kyle and The College Try. We’ve been having various meetings and discussions regarding our bands direction, recording and so on. As a result, Guitarist Yuki has made up his mind to quit the band. We all know that now is a very important time for us, but don’t worry. Despite this set back the rest of us have not lost our motivation and know exactly where we’re heading. We have continued with our meetings and as of now we have not yet decided if we will accept a new guitarist or continue on as we are. Also, we will accept any addition if it creates a positive effect, regardless of the kind of instrument you play, your age, nationality or sex. Last of all, we are sorry if this dissapoints you. But we promise to improve more than ever, and to create the best CD we can for you.

Kyle and The College Tryのギタリスト、ユウキの脱退について。

ベース 翔一



Howdy y’all,
As you know yuki has decided to leave the band. His departure is an amicable one. On behalf of the band, we thank him for his hard work in getting us to where we are now, and wish him the best of luck in getting to where he wants to be as a musician. We are still figuring out what this means for the recording process, as well as for the future of our music. As of now, we are open to anything and everything! if you have suggestions or just words of support (we love compliments!) please don’t hesitate to send them our way. Thanks again to all of you who make this possible. we wouldn’t be where we are without you!

Adding some keys!

New band member Shinjiro Hamajima will be debuting at our October 15th show as a master of the keys and supporting vocals. We’ve been hard at work doing the best we can to create even more depth to our music, and are stoked to be adding a keyboardist.

We’ve also been seriously talking about recording our very first album, but we’re all a bit poor and trying to figure out exactly how it’s gonna happen. Be patient! We will do it as soon as we can!

Until then, looking forward to seeing everyone on October 9th!

VOTE us into Summer Sonic

VOTE online for Kyle & The College Try! Voting is open until 6/26. We need your vote to help us join this year’s Summer Sonic Rock Festival held in Tokyo& Osaka. It’s very easy to vote. <-Just follow the link, check the white confirmation box, enter some text, and click VOTE! (The big red button) Check the picture below for English instructions. You can also vote more than once, so go click happy! 

These are instructions in English on how to vote. <- click here to check out the other bands. <- click here for Summer Sonic Information.

We really want a chance to play at such a great gig, and would appreciate the support of anyone who would like to give us some love. It’s a multi-step process to get on the line-up, so we will for sure keep you updated as things unfold. We need your help now more than ever to get recognized! You can also logon to facebook and ‘Like’ our page to help spread our name around. Basically the process goes like this:

1) 6/20-6/27 Online voting by the general public

2) 6/28-7/3 Voting by other artists

3) 7/14-7/15 Voting by workers in Summer Sonic

4) 7/20 Live audition


Thanks in advance for your support and love!

Practice session