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Recording our album and 5/20’s show

Hey Guys It’s Been a while 🙂 Sorry about the delay, but with Yuki’s decision to leave the band, we’ve had to change things up a bit, with both the recording and the future direction of Kyle and the College Try. Thank you all so much for your patience with the recording of our first full-length album . We want you to know that we are doing all we can to put out the best possible album before the summer comes, and for all of you who have donated time, effort, and money, we’re gonna give you everything we can! THE RECORDING PROGRESS:.. We have made the decision to record an album with guest guitarists Each guitarist who has been chosen to play with us is a close friend of Kyle and The College Try They have been avid fans since the day we started, and . Have and supported us on Our Journey FOLLOWED It is an honor and a privilege Going to be to work with THESE Talented Musicians, and try as WE PUT a great compilation of Music Together for everyone. upcoming SHOWS: Yusuke Kakuta HAS Graciously Chosen to play with us in the month of May.  We just finished a show this Saturday May 12th in Hirosaki at the Redbull BC One event. The SECOND is Sunday May 20th on Iwaki Mountain (info below). Last year’s show on Iwaki Mountain was amazing! If you haven’t seen Tatetakako (Tate Takako) You Are missing out. One of the Best Pianists / SINGER / Artists WE Have seen yet. Anyway, looking forward to seeing a lot of You this Weekend !

-Kyle and The College Try